For the Love of St. John

Everyone who knows me, knows just how much I LOVE my home, St. John. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that I’m obsessed. If I won the lottery today, I’ll be there tomorrow. Since that’s not happening and I’m stuck in Maryland, I’ve surrounded myself with all things St. John – I wear a St. John necklace and bracelet, the theme in my house is beach, my garden has conch shells, my favorite color is turquoise because of the ocean — you get the idea. If you’re thinking about my poor husband who’s surrounded by all these shells, I have the same thoughts, too. Ha!

I quickly learned that my love for St. John is shared by thousands of others. I’m on several Facebook pages and every day I read stories about how much St. John means to so many others. I have to admit; this makes me a little jealous, but I’ve now resigned to the idea that I have to share my love for St. John with others J.

Over the years, I’ve always wanted to turn my love for St. John into something meaningful. Yes, I profess my love for the island all the time, but I wanted to show it. I wanted to give back and help the island and its people.

Luckily, when I created the photo book, One Month Later, and saw the overwhelming response to it, light bulbs went off. I realized this would be a good way for me give back to St. John and help with the recovery efforts. That idea soon blossomed into a larger idea to create a business where giving back to the island is central to the business plan.

Armed with an idea, I quickly went to work and began brainstorming names for the business. “Love You, St. John!” immediately came to my mind. It captures exactly how I feel towards my home and it drives my desire to give back.

The book serves as a stepping stone to help me to grow the idea and new venture. I am coming down to the island in August to meet with local charities and officials to determine the island’s needs. I’ll also be collecting content for our new, expanded website. You can follow my progress on my blog. Wish me luck! Thanks for your support!

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