Our First week on the Island and here’s what we discovered

Oh my! We’ve been on the island for little over a week and it’s been fantastic! I am so happy to see how well the island is recovering. The trails are clear, the beaches are gorgeous, the corals are recovering, and the trees are lush and green.  We were here last summer, one year post Irmaria, and the trees hadn’t quite recovered yet. The leaves were growing on odd places on the tree trunks. Now, you can hardly tell anything happened. Yes! My greatest joy came from seeing the corals. Overall, they are still recovering, but the difference between last year and this year, is AMAZING! There’s lots more coral growth, lots more color, and plentiful fish. This makes my heart so happy.

I’ve also spent time meeting with local charity organizations, including Love City Strong, who, among other things, is doing great work rebuilding homes throughout the island. I also met with Friends of the National Park. They are undertaking a project that’s close to my heart — rebuilding the playground at the National Park Visitor’s Center. Each year when I come home, I bring my girls there to play. This year, while they did play there, the playground is showing obvious signs of damage and greenery overgrowth.  There are also safety hazards, as well.

In a previous post, I mentioned that I’m on a journey, trying to build an online business that’s designed to give back to St. John.  Be sure to follow our blog and social media platforms to track our progress. Thanks for supporting our efforts by purchasing our “One Month Later” photo book. In the meantime, we encourage you to show your love for St. John by donating to Love City Strong and Friends of the National Park.


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